Day Five - Hamilton

Last night saw athletic abilities of a different type displayed as we tried our hand at the sport of ten pin bowling. It certainly confirmed that the competitive nature of some players is not isolated restricted to a netball court, though not all skill levels were as refined. A late night at the alley meant that a 9am breakfast time was appreciated, with a number of the girls opting for a sleep in.

At the request of players, our itinerary for the day had been reorganised to accommodate a training session. These girls are certainly #allin! They have learned a lot from their previous tour matches and were keen to hone their skills. So after breakfast, it was off to the Hamilton Netball Centre for pre-match training.

With training done, we headed to Hamilton Gardens for an impromptu picnic in the park. Hot chicken and coleslaw rolls went down a treat, but were made all the more better by the beautiful surroundings. Once we had finished eating, it was time to explore. The Gardens are famous for their variety in design. Inspiration has been taken from various religions, cultures and historical periods. As such, around each corner lays a different style to admire. Unfortunately time was short, so we didn't see it all, but what we did manage to take in was certainly impressive!

Then, it was game time. Today's fixtures saw us up against Sacred Heart Girls College. This was the first occasion where games were to be played back to back, rather than simultaneously. The girls were delighted in having the opportunity to watch their friends play and to cheer them on. What a difference having a cheer squad makes! The intensity of the games was certainly amplified with support from the sidelines. Heads were higher, girls were hungrier still for that ball and defence was tighter. Though it made a difference, it wasn't quite enough to get us over the line against the Sacred Heart girls, with both teams going down. After the match, we joined the Sacred Heart teams for refreshments and speeches. Here Amelia and Charlotte received special gifts from the Sacred Heart team captains who had identified them as Most Valuable Players in their respective matches. 


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