Day 3 - Time to sightsee!

Today was all about taking in the sights, more often than not, from great heights. Our morning began with a journey to the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park. The trip was narrated by Terry, our coach driver, who was able to provide a great deal of information about the history of Auckland, the Maori and the volcanic islands that spotted the horizon. Stepping off the bus we were greeted by warm, welcoming sun. We made our way to through the manicured gardens, towards the memorial, a perfect photo point.

From the Memorial Gardens, we made our way along the shore line to Mission Bay. After a physically demanding day yesterday, the focus of today's training session was recovery. "Yogi" Lobley was tasked with leading the girls in a yoga session in a park by the sea. The girls stretched, focused and worked on their flexibility and balance. Soon their session attracted the attention of passers by, some even attempting to copy their poses. With muscles warm and limber, it was off to Mount Eden.

Having last erupted approximately 15,000 years ago, Mount Eden is Auckland's highest volcano. The walk to the summit, saw the teams circle around the crater which was 50 meters deep. Some were tempted to roll down the grassy slopes, but were deterred by the thought of the climb out. Walking the crater rim provided a 360 degree view of Auckland and again, many picture perfect opportunities.

From Mount Eden, to Eden Park, the stadium which is the home of international rugby and cricket. Our stadium tour took us behind the scenes, allowing us to inspect the state of the art facilities. We learned all about the pitch, the hydraulic seating and the history of the venue. The tour concluded with a visit to the player's dressing rooms and coach's boxes, giving us a feel for what it might be like on game day.

The final stop for the day was the Sky Tower. Standing at 328 meters tall, just four meters taller than the Eiffel Tower, the Sky Tower certainly sticks out in the Auckland skyline. Some of the girls were excited about heading up to the observation deck on level 51, while others were keen to stick close to the internal walls. Glass floor paneling which looked over the streets below provided mixture of amusement and fear as we wondered around. Those that were feeling brave ventured higher still, making their way to the Sky Deck on level 60. They were rewarded with even more breath taking views of the city and wider Auckland area. Others made their way down to Level 50 to enjoy their views with a side of coffee and ice cream.


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